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Connected Vehicle Testing

Connected Vehicle Testing

Truck Connect


MRAP Training and MRAP Diagnostic Kit


AutoPak: A J1939 Gateway
(500 KBPs-250 KBPs)

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Featured Products

  laptop bundle

   VSI-2534 Laptop Bundle      DPA 5 Laptop Bundle
Fastest in the Industry!

 DG Technology's DPA 5, the fastest, most reliable and durable protocol hardware adapter on the market!

DG's DPA 5 is a reliable adapter for diagnostics and reprogramming on all vehicle types...<more>
J2534 Programmer

 The VSI-2534 Provides J2534-1 vehicle network access for electronic control unit (ECU) calibration using programming, reprogramming and vehicle diagnostics functionality.

The VSI-2534 Provides J2534-1 vehicle network access for ECU calibration...<more>
Quad Can Interface

 DG netbridge quad can

DG's Netbridge Quad CAN Interface offers the industry's lowest cost per CAN channel...<more>
Gryphon S4
Vehicle Data Logger

 S4 high speed data logging, bus analysis, EOL testing, simulation, validation

DG's Gryphon S4 is a vehicle network development platform for high speed data logging...<more>
Gryphon G2
Network TEST Tool

 Engineer Vehicle networks Linux, bus analysis, EOL Testing, Simulation,Validation

The Gryphon G2 uses a Linux platform for network design, EOL Testing, ECU Prototyping...<more>
Fast Vehicle Networks!

 DG Technology's FlexRay Products - Fast Development & Testing of Fast Vehicle Networks!

DG's FlexRay product line - over 20 products to help you develop and test high speed solutions...<more>