Committee Participation

SAE InternationalSociety of Automotive Engineers

DG Technologies employees are active in over 30 SAE committees and task forces working to create automotive network standards. Participation includes membership on, and chairmanship of, committees addressing J1850, J1939, J2284, J1699, J2602 and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) protocol standards.

In addition, DG's President and CEO, Mark Zachos, is currently serving a 3-year term on SAE's Board of Directors, ending in 2013.


International Standards Organization (ISO)

Dearborn Group Technology employees are members of several ISO international working groups addressing automotive-related standards such as ISO 14230 "Keyword Protocol 2000" and ISO 15765 "Diagnostics on CAN", and are SAE liaison members in these and other specialized areas.

IDB Forum

IDB Forum

The IDB Forumâ„¢ actively promotes the global integration of open architecture IDB-1394 networking into vehicles, including passenger car and light truck, military vehicles (land-based and aircraft), heavy vehicles (truck and bus applications), and automotive electronics devices. Activities include technology and specification development, demonstration, and promotion.

Dearborn Group Technology is one of the founding members of this organization. We provide IDB training, as well as other CAN training and products associated with supporting this and other forum's work efforts.


Technology & Maintenance Council/American Trucking Association (TMC/ATA)

The Technology & Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Association is dedicated to maintenance management in the trucking industry, as well as the improvement and maintenance of trucking equipment. Dearborn Group Technology chairs the RP1210 committee, working for a common diagnostic interface, and other areas of in-vehicle network standardization & interest.

ETIEquipment and Tool Institute (ETI)

The Equipment and Tool Institute (ETI) is a trade association of automotive tool and equipment manufacturers, technical information providers and training organizations which has served the automotive repair industry aftermarket for over 60 years. As an active full member of ETI, we serve on their Scan Tool Group which is involved in vehicle network interface devices and telematics.


Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF)

Founded in 2008, the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) is an international, industry-wide organization of agricultural equipment manufacturers and trade associations acting as an independent body for the agricultural industry. The AEF provides the consistent sponsorship and support needed to implement electronic standards in agriculture, and is designed to support any international agricultural electronic standard derived from the International Standards Organization (ISO) process. Furthermore, AEF focuses the resources and knowledge of its members toward enhancing the use of electronics in the farming sector, exemplified by a number of important subjects surrounding ISOBUS and control system safety that been addressed. The AEF is open to everyone who is interested in the electronics field, and over 50 companies, associations and other organizations have already signed up and are active within the AEF framework.


CAN in Automation (CiA)

The CiA promotes CAN applications throughout the automation, automotive, and medical industries, among others. Dearborn Group Technology employees have participated in annual CAN conferences, as paper presenters and session monitors.


Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA)

Dearborn Group Technology has been an ODVA member since the organization's inception, participating in the Conformance SIG, and performing various industry conference demos.