GM OnStar and
DG Technologies team to develop the OnStar TTY Interface Module (OTIM)

Beginning in 2007, General Motors OnStar began to offer in-vehicle services to deaf, hard of hearing, and speech-impaired subscribers through the use of a dealer-installed TTY interface module, developed and produced by DG Technologies.

This TTY interface, called the "OnStar TTY Interface Module (OTIM)" delivers OnStar services via TTY text messages. A dial pad also provides access to OnStar's Hands-Free Calling capability.

To connect to OnStar, simply push the OnStar button and a dedicated OnStar TTY Advisor will be ready to assist you. The OnStar TTY Interface Module (OTIM) is connected directly to the OnStar system before you leave the dealership so that your OnStar service is available as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Included with the system is a TTY device and dial pad for use in the vehicle.

Select model year GM vehicles are eligible for OnStar TTY services and equipment. This TTY equipment is currently available for reimbursement under the GM Mobility Reimbursement Program, so it's available at little or no additional cost to you. Also, customers who apply for and receive GM Mobility reimbursement for OnStar TTY equipment on one of the eligible GM vehicles listed below will receive two additional years of standard OnStar Service (after first year of included service) at no additional cost.

Once your TTY equipment is installed in your vehicle, OnStar services will be available to you based on your subscription plan (excluding OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation and Virtual Advisor). If you have the Directions & Connections subscription plan, driving directions and point-of-interest locations can be delivered via the TTY device. Please note, lengthy or intricate routes may be cumbersome.

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About OnStar
OnStar offers an unparalleled combination of safety, security, and convenience services to help keep you and your family safe while traveling. With 24/7 connectivity to a dedicated OnStar TTY Advisor, you have the peace of mind of knowing that when you need help, OnStar can pinpoint your location and quickly contact emergency services on your behalf.

About DG Technologies
DG Technologies specializes in the design and development of intelligent software and hardware protocol interface devices for the in-vehicle and controller area network markets.