Over Ten Years of Service: The Gryphon® Line of Products

Providing to our customers:

  • A powerful Engineering tool for Advanced Network Vehicle Analysis and Data Acquisition. Our tool has been awarded Patents with additional Patent applications pending.
  • Comprehensive support of In-Vehicle Protocols (Over 16 variants of daughter cards). Read about Gryphon Modularity.
  • The ability to support up to 12 High Speed CAN protocol channels simultaneously (Data logging, Performing Diagnostic Services, Reprogramming Electronic Control Modules, etc.) ideal for Engineering or Manufacturing Test fixtures.
  • Amazing throughput of its on-board Linux operating system using its standard Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi 802.11 support.
  • A Telematics solution of an In-Vehicle wireless gateway that enables a fleet of motor vehicles to be managed remotely.
  • A Broad range of wireless solutions (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular Modem, etc) to enable solutions for large and small scale applications.
  • A Wide variety of Peripheral support (PCMCIA, Mini-PCI, Serial, Digital & Analog I/O, Digital Camera, IDE Interface support, Cell Phones, PDA devices, Memory cards, etc).

A Brief Gryphon Product Line History

Its been over 10 years since our first Gryphon made its appearance in Early 2000 at the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International Congress. After a few years there was a need for a tool to meet harsh Environmental and EMC requirements, which became our Super-CAN Analysis Tool (S-CAT) based on our Gryphon tool. Prior to our re-design of the Gryphon tool there was a need for a smaller tool with fewer protocols, Wi-Fi capable, but with more processing power which became our Gryphon S3. As technology changed, so has the Gryphon, and after its redesign, the Gryphon 2 was launched. The Gryphon 2 (aka G2) is "2nd" in that it is the second "full" feature version of our original Gryphon. In the history of Gryphon Product development it is considered our "4th" generation.

Pioneering New Technologies within the Area of In-Vehicle Networks

The technology of the Gryphon, from prototype proofs of concept through the " 4th" Generation G2 has progressed with related technology advances.

  • Accessing the Internet: Our Gryphon was the first tool in our field with support for TCP/IP allowing it to be configured to access the Internet. This provided for remote monitoring of vehicle networks and access to one or more on-board computer modules.
  • Wireless Gateway (Cell Phone to Motor Vehicle): Using DG's CarConnect implementation our Gryphon technology enabled controlling basic function of a Motor Vehicle before anyone. That is including OnStar.
  • Telematics / Fleet Management: Our Gryphon was the enabling component that provided the information needed to manage a Fleet of vehicles. The converting of the collected vehicle data into Information could now be sent (by WiFi or Cellular modem) to the Fleet management facility. Coupled with Global Positioning Information provided by a peripheral, it gave the manger hard metrics / information in order to make key decisions.

The Core of the Gryphon Product Line

The Gryphon has evolved over its four generations, but in its various versions it has maintained a core of functionality:

  • Powerful Central Processing Unit (CPU) with RAM to operate the on-board software.
  • A Linux Operating System and on-board software that are stored in a Flash Memory module.
  • A Flexible configuration of Protocols using expansion slots, which provide various Vehicle Connection Ports / Interfaces.
  • A TCP/IP interface to enable high throughput to client application running on a personal computer.
  • A Display Panel for user configuration / operation of the tool. The display shows / update status of the tool and has a stand-alone ODB II utility that shows and updates Vehicle information taken from data received from the vehicle and converted.
  • Web based interface to configure the tool and to view status information.

The Gryphon's 4th Generation: Gryphon2

The Gryphon 2 is the second "full" feature version of our original Gryphon which provides the fastest, most extensive, and reliable tool for Engineering or manufacturing test fixtures. Beyond more processing power, it has the following enhancements:

  • Uses all previously developed Protocol interfaces (daughter cards).
  • An Ethernet connection capable of 1 Gigabit speed.
  • Three external and one internal USB host connections for peripheral devices.
  • Two Cardbus/PCMCIA slots for peripheral devices.
  • An Internal Mini-PCI slot for peripheral devices.

The Gryphon's 5th Generation: ???

The Gryphon's 5th generation will be a revolutionary step, based on enabling technologies to give more functionality in a small package!