Technical Papers

Vehicle Network Standards Move Toward Global Harmonization pdf

Standards and Protocols across the Automotive and Commercial Vehicle industries are evolving. ISO 27145, a new Standard, is being developed with cross functional capability using various aspects of the J1979 and J1939 Standards leading to the Worldwide Harmonization of On-board Diagnostics (WWH-OBD).

CAN Primer pdf

This short CAN Primer is focused on providing a general understanding of the CAN bus in easy to read and understand terms. It was originally targeted toward the automotive technician to provide a thorough knowledge for effective troubleshooting of this network. A brief description of the tools and their usage in troubleshooting a CAN network is included.

FlexRay Primer in alliance with, our DG Partner TZM TZ Mikroelektronik (TZM)

FlexRay is a fast, deterministic and fault-tolerant bus system for automotive use, based on the experience of DaimlerChrysler, with the development of prototype applications, and the byteflight communication system developed by BMW. This brief primer provides all of the basics of FlexRay technology, now developed by the FlexRay consortium. Read about FlexRay's capabilities, promise, and OEMs and suppliers at the core in shaping FlexRay.

Diagnostics and Prognostics for Military and Heavy Vehicles pdf

A challenge that vehicles utilizing complicated computer systems face is how to extract diagnostic data, evaluate it to expose possible problems, and determine how to fix those problems. It is vital to know the general condition of a vehicle before it goes on a critical or dangerous mission. Electronic modules in vehicles provide information regarding the state of the vehicles. These modules contain diagnostic features such as OBDII requirements by government agencies for civilian vehicles, usually for emissions. These regulations will soon be mandated for commercial diesel engines. Information contained in this paper includes: and overview of - Diagnostic for automobiles, trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles, descriptions of OBDII, J2534, J1708 and J1939 protocols, and a CAN primer.
This paper was presented at the NDIA Conference 2004 in Traverse City, MI.

Safe-By-Wire: The Leading Edge in Airbag Control pdf

Consumer and safety requirements are increasing the number of airbags per vehicle that need to be controlled in an intelligent manner. Some vehicles already have an excess of 10 airbag systems, and a need for computer control to implement advanced features clearly exists. The Safe-by-Wire consortium has been formed to address these concerns, and they have designed a new bus protocol. This article examines some of the issues regarding airbag systems and the Safe-by-Wire protocol specifically.
This paper was presented at the SAE World Congress 2003, in Detroit, MI.

Practical Testing of the CAN Physical Layer pdf

This paper was written for the CIA CAN Newsletter 2005, by Robert Boys.