Current Downloads:

Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5
(DPA 5)

Dearborn Protocol Adapter 4 Plus
(DPA 4 Plus)

Dearborn Protocol Adapter ona Chip
(DPA ona Chip)

Fiber Optic Bridge

Gryphon 2

Gryphon S4

Gryphon S3



DG Technology's Product Downloads - Current

DG Technologies Product Downloads

At Dearborn Group Technology, we are proud that our own staff services all customer support areas. Utilizing our most current documents, relevant historical information, and experienced troubleshooting techniques, we provide quick resolution of any issue you may be having. Our support documents include product-specific:

  • Software and Device Drivers
  • Product Information (Manuals, Flyers, etc.)
  • Firmware
  • Examples
Current download content is available for our products in the menu on the right.

For any information / support for our retired products, please contact our Technical Support.

Gryphon Product GM DPS Users, please use our specialized GM DPS Users' Resources.