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  1. Connected Vehicle Testing
  2. New Netbridge 4 CAN Channel Tool
  3. New Fiber Optic CAN Bridge
  4. New d-briDGe Diagnostic & Reprogramming Tool

5. MRAP Vehicle Diagnostic Kits
6. New OBDII functionality on DGD software
7. New Gryphon S4 Vehicle Network Development tool


spirent By partnering with Spirent, an international leader in telecommunications service, measurement and testing, DG has been able to leverage our S4 datalogger to capture valuable CAN and global positioning data that can be played back for testing simulations anywhere in the world.
Netbridge is DG's latest 4 CAN channel vehicle network interface tool that includes both SAE J2534 and TMC RP1210 Drivers. This versatile tool is a low-cost, efficient way to retrieve the essential CAN data needed for engineering and developing vehicle networks by gaining access to standards-based vehicle applications. 
Fiber Optic CAN Bridge includes fiber optic converters that electrically isolate signals from the vehicle bus using common bridge and satellite modules interconnected with fiber optic cable for EMI and EMC testing. It is compatible with all CAN protocols and meets automotive EMC Testing Specifications. Read More



DG Diagnostics:
2 Programs...1 Application 

Commercial Vehicle & Automotive Diagnostic Functionality

Known for its functionality within the Heavy Duty Truck & Bus Industry, DG Diagnostics now enables technicians to utilize their DPA 5 for light duty diagnostics as well. The newly released version of DG Diagnostics allows users to quickly move between Light Duty and Heavy Duty diagnostics using a single application.

Gryphon S4