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C&S Communication & Services Group is well known internationally as a vehicle network testing and validation group affiliated with the Computer Science within the University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) Wolfenb├╝ttel, Germany. Specializing in system communication, testing, standards conformance, and related design, they are world renowned for their special expertise, skills and equipment for testing and validation of communication protocols for automotive, vehicle, and automation applications. Currently most of the tests concentrate on CAN, LIN, Flexray, AUTOSAR and comparable standard and emerging vehicle network protocols.

C&S group performs these tests in their labs in order to check whether the implementations under test are in conformance to their corresponding protocol standards. Also, C&S sells its standard test equipment to customers through DG Technologies, and teaches them how to perform tests. Although completely incorporated within the University, C&S group commits itself to perform projects in an enterprise manner, providing a reliable partner for industries while guaranteeing high quality results, timeliness and continuity.

A staff of 40 highly experienced specialists in engineering and organization execute R&D projects in 1700 m2 of high standard equipped laboratories.

DG Technologies is your C&S partner representative in North America.

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