DG Technologies - Gryphon Modularity

The Gryphon product flexible Modularity

Since the year 2000 the Gryphon product line has provided a flexible tool that could be configured for a very wide array of Vehicle Network protocols.
This has been done by providing a tool with expansion slots for our Gryphon Module cards. Our tool has been awarded Patents with additional Patent applications Pending.
Modularity has been key in meeting the customer’s needs for the specific Vehicle Network protocols, for their specific vehicle which needs interfacing. Over the years DG has developed over 20 variants of Gryphon Modules for Vehicle Networks and currently has 16 modules we are supporting.
The typical card has multiple Vehicle Network channels routed to an external connector for direct access, and/or to an internal connection for a custom Single Point of access. This single connection to a vehicle is by internally linking all of the required Gryphon modules.
Most vehicles have more than one Vehicle Network protocol, and today it made be up to four protocols. This is why a single connection of a plurality of modules has been an important feature of out Gryphon products since 2000.

The Gryphon modules use the Industry Standard DB connector (The silver connector) at the center bottom of the picture below.

The Standard Internal connection is a standard header connection to link multiple card modules into.
Below is a picture of two of our Original Gryphon Product nicknamed the G1. The unit on top shows the Connection side with a Special configuration for Dual Wire CAN, Single Wire CAN, and J1850-VPW modules for direct access.

Indirect access (Not used in this picture) would be to the left of the J1850-VPW connector, where the black rectangular cap is. Below the cap is the caption SHARED MODULE. The Three protocols would be wired to a single vehicle access point: An ODB2 Cable.

Below is the end panel image of our 2nd Gryphon Product, a custom product for General Motors called S-CAT and nicknamed the S1.
The unit had a special Multi module Connection Card for Two Dual Wire CAN and One Single Wire CAN channels (Three Vehicle Network interfaces).

A custom ODB2 cable (Called DLC by GM) to provide a Single Connection to the Vehicle.

The Module’s Internal connections are wired to the multiple module connector in this embodiment and the External End Panel connectors for direct access were used primarily for Bench Top work by Engineering Development Purposes.

Below is the end panel image of our 3rd Gryphon Product, a custom product for called S-CAT2 and nicknamed the S2. The Later Gryphon S3 (Our 4th Gryphon Product) retained these functions with an Input/Output connection added.

The unit had a Multi Channel connector for a Dual Wire CAN and a Single Wire CAN channel on its main board, and one expansion module slot that allowed the connections on the Module card to be routed to a single connector called in this embodiment (CAN1/CAN2).

From this connector a custom ODB2 cable would be a single access point for multiple modules (Mainboard and expansion card).