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Frequently Asked Questions

DG Technologies has excellent manuals that can be used as great resources to answer many of your questions.

Here is a list of common questions:

  1. Why is my DPA not connecting?
  2. Where can I find the DPA 5 user manual?
  3. Where can I find the DG Diagnostics user manual?
  4. What is DG Diagnostics software?
  5. Do I have to register DGD software?
  6. What’s the difference between DG Diagnostics (MD/HD) and DG Diagnostics (OBDII)?
  7. How do I use the DPA to connect DG Diagnostics to MOTOR Information Systems FleetCross Application?
  8. How do I run OEM applications directly from DG Diagnostics software?
  9. How do I record and playback information in DGD?
  10. Can I log GPS Data using DGD?
  11. How do I view PGN’s/PIDs in DGD?
  12. How do I view J1939 Emmissions-related data in DGD?
  13. What do the J1939 Fault codes mean?
  14. What are the J1587 Fault Codes?
  15. What do the DGD Supported Diagnostic Messages mean?
  16. How do I clear fault codes?
  17. How do I request new component information from the vehicle?
  18. What types of Vehicle data are displayed on the DGD Dashboard?
  19. How do I interpret J1939 Component Information?
  20. How do I interpret J1587 Component Information?
  21. How do I save Truck Report Information?
  22. Where can I download the latest firmware and RP1210 Utilities (DG Diagnostics software, Adapter Validation Tool, DG Update DPA Options, RP1210 Sample Source Code, DPA 5 Bluetooth Configuration Utility)?
  23. Why do some vehicles populate vehicle data differently?
  24. Do you have a quickstart guide?
  25. How do I configure the Bluetooth device?
  26. What are the Pinouts for the DPA and PLC TestCon?
  27. What are the compatible OEM Software Applications?
  28. What Standards and Protocols are supported?
  29. What’s the difference between multi-application and single application drivers?
  30. How do I install the driver?
  31. How do I connect the Cables?
  32. How do I set up my RP1210-Compliant OEM Diagnostic application?
    1. Allison
    2. Bendix
    3. Caterpillar
    4. Cummins
    5. Detroit Diesel
    6. Dana
    7. Eaton ServiceRanger
    8. Freightliner ServiceLink
    9. International Truck and Engine
    10. Meritor-WABCO Toolbox
    11. Volvo/Mack VCADS & PTT
  33. How do I set up my J2534-Compliant OEM Applications with the DPA?
  34. How do I troubleshoot adapter related issues using the Adapter Validation Tool (AVT)?
  35. How do I fix J2534 USB-Related issues?
  36. What is the RP1210 Options Program?
  37. How does the automatic firmware update work?
  38. How do I use the DPA 5 Bluetooth Configuration Utility?
  39. What are the DPA 5 Physical/Electrical specifications and Pinouts?
  40. How do I use the DG Driver Update?
  41. What do I do if I need technical support or to return a product?
  42. What does the warranty cover?
  43. How do I launch the DPA Firmware Updater Program?
  44. What do all the acronyms mean in the user manual?
  45. How do I test/troubleshoot a J1939 Network?
  46. Is the DPA5-BT CE Marked? 
  47. I cannot find DLM software on your website anymore, has it been discontinued?

If additional assistance is needed, please call DG Technologies tech support line at 248.888.2000