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DG Technologies Industrial DPA - RS-232 ASCII Command Interface

Dearborn Group Industrial DPA - RS-232 ASCII Command Interface

The DG Technologies Industrial DPA (DG-DPAIII/I) and Embedded DPA (DG-EDPA-SI) provide a simple-to-use ASCII communications interface to vehicle databus networks over a standard RS-232 communications port.

The DG Technologies Industrial DPA

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Industrial DPA Protocol on the DG Technologies Embedded DPA

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This ASCII command interface is extremely useful for SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems that monitor and control industrial applications using gaseous or diesel engines as primary or backup power. These systems can send simple ASCII commands through the RS-232 port that will tell the DPA to transmit or receive vehicle messages.

The Industrial DPA has been deployed in very diverse roles such as natural gas genset farms, water and sewage pumping stations, mining trucks, and for hospital backup generator monitoring. The ASCII command interface makes interfacing these power units to machines, onboard controllers, and monitoring systems easy.

Other potential applications allow vehicle databus communications through a PC's serial port using a terminal emulation program (such as HyperTerminal), onboard vehicle controllers (i.e. Telematics, Event Data Recorders), or a PDA-type device such as an iPod or Android.

The Industrial DPA is based upon the successful DPA III Plus product. The DPA III Plus provided a TMC RP1210 Application Programming Interface (API) to a PC via an RS-232 serial port. Not long after the DPA III Plus release, DG had many requests from companies wanting to monitor their power units but did not have a PC, or they did not have software engineers. DG responded by modifying the interface between the PC and the adapter so that a machine (i.e. PLC or SCADA system) could easily connect, read and send vehicle databus messages.

The eDPA is based on the highly successful DPA 4 Plus (a USB-based diagnostics adapter). More information on the eDPA can be found on the eDPA Website.
  • All DPA models come with a two-year limited warranty.
  • Our technical support team has years of industry experience to help you get the most from your investment.
  • Should a tool need to be returned to the factory, the RMA repair process is simple, and turnaround is generally same-day.

Industrial DPA and eDPA Protocols and Standards

Industrial DPA Protocols

Embedded DPA (eDPA) Protocols

Serial Port Support

  • CAN (125k/250k/500k/1Mb)
  • J1939
  • J1708/J1587
  • J1850 VPW (GM Class II)
  • GMLAN/J2284 (CAN@500k)
  • J1939
  • J1708/J1587
  • CAN (125k/250k/500k/1Mb)
  • GMLAN/J2284 (CAN@500k)
  • RS-232, 1200..115200 Baud
  • N-8-1
  • RTS/CTS (Industrial DPA Only)
  • XON/XOFF(Both)


Example RS-232 ASCII Data Session

The following example shows how simple the Industrial DPA is to use. Lines starting with a '//' are comments to add clarity to the example.

  // Open J1939 communications (@250k) with 29-Bit CAN Identifiers (CANID)
  // Send a J1939 message with 29-Bit CANID of 0x010780 (hex) with 8 bytes of data.
  // Load 29 bit CAN mailbox 1 to receive CANID 0x103234 and send back data count, 
  // data, CANID and time stamp with max of 8 data bytes.
  // Response from DPA that message has arrived

Industrial DPA Accessories and List Pricing

The following are acccessories that can be purchased for use with the Industrial DPA. Note that the Embedded DPA (eDPA) does not have any cabling accessories.

Part Number/List Price Image Description

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  • Connects Industrial DPA to the Deutsch 9-pin or 6-pin heavy/medium-duty vehicle connector.

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  • Connect your Industrial DPA to Medium/Light Duty vehicles with an OBDII (J1962) port.

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  • Open ended OBDII cable.

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  • Allows connecting the Industrial DPA directly to the J1939 triangular Deutsch connector.
  • To provide a 12V power source to the DPA you can either use the Weather Pack mating connector (PN: 12010973) or you can cut the existing WeatherPack connector off and wire directly to the power source.

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  • 9/15/25-pin DB Connector Signal Breakout Box
  • Male (top) and Female (bottom) to Banana Plug connections.
  • Contains 6 pigtails for connection flexibility.
  • Straight through connections (1-1, 15-15, 25-25).
  • For more information, click Here.

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  • Two J1962 Female (Car-Side) Connectors.
  • One J1962 Male Connector on a 3' extension cable.
  • All 16 pins broken out to Banana Plug connections.
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U.S. Patents that apply to our DPA Industrial:

7,660,934: ASCII gateway to in-vehicle networks (02-09-10)
7,152,133: ASCII gateway to in-vehicle networks (07-19-11)