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Dearborn Protocol Adapter ona Chip (DPA ona Chip)

Software and Device Drivers

    DPA Installation CD Free
    The ZIP file (below) contains all of the files on our new installation CD. It contains all the current drivers for all products in our DPA family. Download the file then Open it to extract the contents. When done, run the DPAInstall.EXE program to start.

    DPA customers can receive a current version of the DPA Installation CD at no cost by mail. Include your full name, company name, mailing address, telephone number including extension if applicable, and email address. Send the request to DG Technical Support.

    New! DPA "Adapter Validation Tool (AVT)" and "Why My Adapter Isn't Working..."
    This "Adapter Validation Tool (AVT)" application allows you to test the DPA to validate its full functionality. Download the file, Unzip it and run AdapterValidationTool.exe to start the AVT program.

    There is also a closely related companion document to the AVT "Why My Adapter Isn't Working And What To Do About It", regarding troubleshooting the DPA and RP1210 adapters. It was jointly written by Dearborn Group Technologies, NEXIQ Technologies, and Noregon Systems.

Product Information

Product Manuals


    Contact Dearborn Group Sales or Technical Support for upgrade information.

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