DPA Products:

- DPA 5 Dual-CAN
- DPA 4 Plus
- Embedded DPA
- Industrial DPA
- DPA On-A-Chip
- PLC TestCon
- HD Breakout Box
- OBDII Breakout Box

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 DG's Dearborn Protocol Adapters (DPAs) interconnect in-vehicle communication networks and PCs!  

Dearborn Protocol Adapter ona Chip  (DPA on a Chip)

Part Number: DG-DPA-ona-Chip

Our DPA ona Chip is the fastest, most reliable, and durable hardware adapter on the market anywhere, even exceeding specifications for the U.S. Military!

Our DPA ona Chip is used to interconnect communication networks and computers, and supports applications from Allison, Bendix, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Eaton, Freightliner, International, Mack, Meritor-WABCO, Vansco and Volvo, among others, including automotive OEM standards and applications.

Supported Protocols: CAN (ISO11898), GMLAN, ISO11898 (CAN), J1587, J1708, J1850 GM (Class 2), J1922, J1939, J1979, J2284, J2411 (GM SWCAN), ALDL, Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista.

Supported APIs: RP1210 & Compliant Drivers, C library API for Windows and LabVIEW.

U.S. Patents that apply to our DPA Product line:

6,772,248: Protocol adapter for in-vehicle networks (8-3-04)
7,152,133: Expanded functionality protocol adapter for in-vehicle networks (12-19-06)
7,337,245: Protocol Adapter for Passing Diagnostic Messages between Vehicle Networks and a Host Computer (2-26-08)
7,725,630: Protocol adapter for passing diagnostic messages between a host computer and vehicle networks operating in a J1939 or J1708 protocol (5-25-10)

Available Accessories and Options
    The following items are available.

    Part Number Product Name
    DG-J1939-04-CABLE This special cable lets you directly connect your DPA (fitted with a "/T" endplate) to Deutsch 6- and 9-pin truck diagnostic connectors.
    DG-OBDII-O-CABLE A 6-foot cable with a standard automotive "OBDII" diagnostic connector at one end. The other end of the cable is open-ended to let you custom tailor this cable for your specific needs.
    DG-OBDII-BOX An OBDII box that gives you a practical and easy way to establish in-line electrical connection to the Vehicle On-Board Diagnostic connector.

Related Products

    Part Number Product Name
    DG-DLM Data Link Monitor (DLM) software – our monitoring and analysis software application lets You validate in-vehicle network interfaces using CAN (canbus), GMLAN, J1587, J1708, J1850 GM (Class 2), J1850 Ford (SCP), J1850 DCX, J1939, J1979, J2284, and J2411 (GM SW) protocols.
    DG-OBDII-BOX Dearborn OBDII Breakout Box – our OBDII box gives you a practical and easy way to establish in-line electrical connection to the Vehicle On-Board Diagnostic (SAE J1962 or OBDII) connectors.