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General Information

  • Q: Has the LIN Fiber Optic Bridge Product been EMC tested?

    A: Yes, the Satellite Module was tested by Underwriters Laboratories:

    Independently tested to the GMW 3097 EMC specification.
    The following test methods were tested without any non-compliances:

    3.3.1 Radiated Emissions; Absorber Lined Shielded Enclosure (ALSE).
    3.4.1 Radiated Immunity; Bulk Current Injection
    3.4.3 Radiated Immunity; Reverberation Chamber, Mode Tuning
    [REF - 002]

  • Q: I blew the fuse in my Bridge Adapter, what fuse I need to replace it?

    A: The fuse in the bridge is a pretty common type.
    Littlefuse sells the product under the 'Nanofuse' name.
    The fuse in the bridge is a slow-blow 1.5A fuse;
    Digikey part number F2601. Other companies sell compatible fuses.

    FUSE FAILURE: If the Bridge adapter appears dead, check the fuse to see if it has opened the circuit. It is located on the top circuit board in a fuse socket near the ON/OFF switch.
    Warning: Always remove power before opening the enclosure.
    [REF - 003]

  • Q: Is there a need for isolating the Satellite Module during EMC testing?

    A: The FO SAT Modules need to be isolated by 50mm.
    The reason is the bypass caps typically are placed inside the fiber optic satellite modules from inputs to the Printed Circuit Board/Chassis. If the case of the fiber optic module is placed directly on the ground plane and there are bypass caps inside the satellite module from input to chassis, then there is an additional RF path provided to travel. This can cause different behavior and this is what is being avoided by isolating the fiber optic module by 50mm insulation above the ground plane. [REF - 004]