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Gryphon Installation CD Free

The Gryphon Installation CD - Version 1.22 program below contains all the files on our new installation CD. It contains all the current drivers and applications for all products in our Gryphon family. Download the file then run it to install the software.

Gryphon® Applications

  • Gryphon® Monitor (GryphMON) - Version 1.92 – Used to monitor traffic on a Gryphon®. This ZIP file also contains the GryphDB program. (ZIP, 4,032K).
  • GryphMON Manual – in html format.
  • GryphDB Manual – in html format. This product creates a database that gets imported into GryphMon for message transmission.
  • Gryphon Scan Tool – Utilizes Bonjour/ZeroConf networking to locate the IP addresses of any Gryphons on your local subnet.
  • GryphSpeeds - Version 1.20 – A utility program that allows the speed entries in gdevs file to be edited remotely. (ZIP, 1,983K).
  • GryphLIN - Version 1.12 – Used to monitor LIN traffic on a Gryphon®. (ZIP, 2,222K).
  • GryphLIN Manual – in html format.
  • GryphLIN Sample LDF – Sample LIN definition file. Note: this is for example purposes only, the required LDF will vary by implementation (LDF, 8K).
  • Gryphon LIN 2.0 Software: A ZIP file with everything needed! Firmware, GRYPH_LIN monitor, Sample LDF, and more.
  • GM DPS Users' Resources – a collection of resources required to use the GM DPS software.

    Gryphon® C/C++ Libraries, Release 4.5.2

    • Win32 installer. – This file installs the Gryphon® Libraries for use with C++, C and VB applications. (EXE, 1850K) version 4.5.2.
      This release is for Win32 platforms only. It consists of the file "setup.exe", which is a self-installer program. The self-installer contains: the Release Notes document; the C and C++ libraries, including dynamic link library files (.DLL), header files (.H), and link support files (.LIB); user manuals (.PDF); sample application program source and project files; and a Visual BASIC module file. To accommodate the use of Gryphon manifest constants in application code, the latest header files for the Gryphon protocol are also included in both packages.
      See Release Notes for details of functional changes in the libraries.

    • Missing DLL Help information. For customers who are unable to use the Gryphon® C/C++ libraries (on Windows) due to "missing DLLs".

      Note: In order to fix all bugs, this software may require a firmware update. Contact Technical Support or your sales representative for more information. Also see Gryphon® firmware page.

    Gryphon® EasyAPI Library

    • DG EasyAPI (J2534 DLL) - Version 4.04.05 – This file contains a C-compatible interface. Includes the API Library (with J2534 DLL), examples and Easy API User Manual Version 1.0. The contents can be placed in any file structure you prefer, but if not specified, creates a new folder called "Gryphon" on your target drive, where all files are installed. (EXE, 1295K)
      DG EasyAPI User Manual Version 1.0. – Also included in the above .exe file. (PDF, 112K)
    • NEW! Read about our new J2534 System Development Kit (SDK) (PDF, 164K)

      GM User Alert: GM has validated this DLL to work with DPS tools for Class 2.
      Note: Click here to purchase the J2534 specification from SAE.

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