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PC Integration (PCI) is a value-added service that brings the purchasing of a PC, DPA, and OEM diagnostic software into one purchase order and one shipment.

A standard PCI package includes everything you need to begin diagnosing your vehicles and equipment right "out-of-the-box". These are our standard "Value" packages, but DG is willing to work with you to provide any custom solution.

Purchasing a diagnostic PC "kit-complete", loaded with the OEM applications you use saves time, money and frustration. PCI is much easier than managing multiple vendors, purchase orders, invoices, and receivables:

  • Ordering is easy, one purchase order, one shipment.
  • No need to purchase a "pre-defined" kit that includes software you don't need.
  • Your order is "hand-built" and "hand-tested" with only the items you order.
  • All OEM software is registered to the end-user before you receive the PC.
  • All OEM software has been configured and tested before the PC ships.
  • There is no need to sort through a myriad of PC choices.

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What are the Standard package options: PC, Adapter and OEM Software Options?

DG offers two types of Notebook PCs (Rugged and Standard):

DG offers these Standard Adapter (VDA) Kit choices:

The following OEM software applications are being offered:

  • Allison DOC
  • Bendix ACOM
  • Cummins Insite
  • International Diamond Logic Builder
  • International ServiceMaxx
  • Volvo/Mack VCADS/PTT
  • Meritor-WABCO Toolbox
  • ZF-Meritor TransSoft

Pricing and Ordering

Obtaining pricing information and ordering PCI is easy! Fill out the:

"PCI Self-Quotation/Order Form"

and then fax it to (248) 888-9977 or e-mail it to sales@dgtech.com.

If you are using a credit card as a payment method, someone from DG will call you to obtain the credit card information.

For more in-depth information on the DG PCI program, feel free to call us at 248-888-2000. A knowlegeable salesperson will be more than happy to walk you through the process.

Contact Information

For pricing and other general product information as well as technical support, call or e-mail:

        Phone:          (248) 888-2000
        Fax:            (248) 888-9977
        Sales:          sales@dgtech.com      
        Support:        techsupp@dgtech.com

DPA Patents

Dearborn Group, Inc. has been awarded the following U.S. Patents that apply to our DPA Product line:

  • 6,772,248 - Protocol adapter for in-vehicle networks (8-3-04)
  • 7,152,133 - Expanded functionality protocol adapter for in-vehicle networks (12-19-06)
  • 7,337,245 - Protocol Adapter for Passing Diagnostic Messages between Vehicle Networks and a Host Computer (2-26-08)
  • 7,725,630 - Protocol adapter for passing diagnostic messages between a host computer and vehicle networks operating in a J1939 or J1708 protocol (5-25-10)