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PLC TestCon Datasheet


 PLC TestCon

PLC TestCon - PLC4TRUCKS Trailer ABS Tester and J1708 Converter

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The PLC TestCon serves as a PLC4TRUCKS to J1708 converter so that J1708 protocol adapters can be used to communicate with Trailer ABS diagnostic applications such as those from Meritor-WABCO, Bendix, Haldex, and Wabash National. It also quickly tests both the Trailer ABS and the Trailer ABS Fault Lamp without the need for a PC.

With the addition of the PLC TestCon, the DPA family continues the tradition of supporting more protocols,vehicles, and trailers than any other commercially available RP1210 adapter.

Not only is the PLC TestCon a great product, but our warranty, support, and service are second-to-none.
  • The PLC TestCon comes with a two-year limited warranty, just like our DPA products.
  • Our technical support team has years of industry experience to help you get the most from your investment.
  • Should something go wrong, the RMA repair process is simple, and turnaround is generally same-day.

Trailer ABS Diagnostic Software Compatibility

The PLC TestCon supports the following Trailer ABS diagnostic applications:

  • Bendix
  • Haldex
  • Meritor-WABCO
  • Wabash National

If you have a question about an RP1210A-compliant application that is not listed, do not hesitate to contact our technical support department.

Trailer ABS Diagnostics Adapter

The PLC TestCon is a low-cost solution for running Trailer ABS diagnostics without having to purchase an additional RP1210-compliant adapter that has PLC4TRUCKS support.

Since most fleet service bays have RP1210-compliant adapters that support the J1708 protocol around the shop, you can simply plug in the PLC TestCon to that adapter and connect your existing cabling to the PLC TestCon. Select the "J1708" protocol in your Trailer ABS diagnostics application and you are ready to run Trailer ABS diagnostics!

Quick Trailer ABS Fault Check (Go/No Go) Without a PC

In the default mode of operation called "Tractor Mode", the PLC TestCon simulates a tractor. It listens to the PLC data bus and if a Trailer ABS fault exists, the "Trailer ABS Fault" LED will illuminate.

In this mode, it also "gateways" messages from the PLC to the J1708 data bus and vice versa so that an RP1210 protocol adapter can be used to run PLC-based Trailer ABS diagnostics. This means you do not need to purchase a full-priced PLC/J1708 Adapter. In fact, the PLC TestCon comes with a DB15 male "pigtail" that connects directly to the DB15 female connector of the most popular brands of protocol adapters on the market. To connect the PLC TestCon to the DPA 5, you would need the following adapter cable (DG-DPA5-PLC-CABLE).

Quick Tractor "In-Cab Trailer ABS Fault Lamp" Check Without a PC

In "Trailer Mode", the PLC TestCon sends "Trailer ABS fault messages" on the PLC databus causing the tractor's "Trailer ABS Fault Lamp" to toggle off and on.

This feature is an excellent choice for tractor, trailer, and Trailer ABS OEMs to use in their end-of-line (EOL) testing without having to use a more expensive PLC solution, custom wiring, and a PC.

PLC TestCon Part Numbers, Accessories and List Pricing

The following are are the part numbers, acccessories and list pricing for items that can be used with the PLC TestCon.

Part Number/List Price Image Description

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This kit contains the PLC TestCon (DG-DPA-PLC-TESTCON $395) and the PLC Battery cable (DG-DPA-PLC-BAT-CABLE $97).

DPA 5 PLC kit
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This kit contains all elements of the DG-DPA5-BT-KIT as well as the DG-DPA-PLC-KIT


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This kit contains all elements of the DG-DPA4/PLUS-KIT, as well as the DG-DPA-PLC-KIT (see below).


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Allows DPA 5 to be used with the PLC TestCon for Trailer ABS Diagnostics.


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6 foot long PLC TestCon Cable with Combo Alligator Clips & Banana Plug Leads and J560 Connector.


Protect your investment. Add an additional year of warranty following the standard 2 year warranty period.


Extend your DPA warranty to 4 years with a second additional warranty year.

User Manual and Product Flyer

The PLC TestCon does not require any software or drivers. You can use the following link to download the PLC TestCon user manual which contains helpful information on using the PLC TestCon as well as connecting to the trailer and/or tractor and you can also download the product flyer.

Contact Information

For pricing and other general product information as well as technical support, call or e-mail:

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    	Sales:		sales@dgtech.com
    	Support:	techsupp@dgtech.com

U.S. Patents that apply to our DPA Product line:

6,772,248 - Protocol adapter for in-vehicle networks (8-3-04)
7,152,133 - Expanded functionality protocol adapter for in-vehicle networks (12-19-06)
7,337,245 - Protocol Adapter for Passing Diagnostic Messages between Vehicle Networks and a Host Computer (2-26-08)