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What is J2534?

What is J2534? J2534-1, J2534-2, J2534-3

What is SAE J2534?
In short, in September 2000 the Aftermarket pressed and won approval of Senate Bill 1146. EPA and CARB pressed for legislation stating that the OEMs would provide their proprietary information to the Aftermarket for the support of the emission requirements via. reprogramming and service information. SAE J2534 was developed for the purpose of providing the Aftermarket a means of taking the different OEM calibrations from all the different OEMs and then programming existing and new Engine Control Units (ECU's) with the latest calibration released by the OEM beginning with the model year 2004. Even though the mandate is 2004, GM, Ford and Chrysler, have programming capabilities going back as far as 1993 with most starting in 1996 and some of the import OEMs go as far back as 2001.

J2534-1:This specification is the mandate as described above. It focuses on the required emissions related data. These ECU's are typically called the Engine Control Module (ECM), Transmission Control Module (TCM) or Power Control Module (PCM).

J2534-2:This specification provides the framework, including additional protocols, to allow the reprogramming of additional modules not related to the emissions. This is completely optional to the OEM to release this data, however, some have seen the benefits of providing this to the Aftermarket.

J2534-3:This specification is essentially a test that can be run on a specific SAE J2534 compliant device to prove that that device is compliant to the J2534-1 specification. As of this writing, this specification is not complete.