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What is J2534?

VSI-2534 Accessories

J2534 Programmer
Works with cloud based diagnostic applications to provide OEM level diagnostics with a subscription

VSI Kit: $1,125.00


    VSI-2534 Kit:

  • VSI-2534 quick start guide
  • Detailed user guides for OEM reprogramming
  • Palmer Scan XL software for general vehicle diagnostics
  • J2534 Adapter Validation Tool (JVT)

  • NEW! Free DG Assist Software!
    • Chrysler VIN and SRI read/write
    • Provides Vehicle Status Information/Report
    • Reads/Clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes
    • Tests Battery Voltage

    Recent Enhancements: The VSI-2534 has been tested & validated with the Offboard Diagnostic Information System (ODIS) Service application.


VSI-2534 Accessories

USB cable
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  • USB Cable
  • Thumb screws secure cable to VSI product.
  • Comes standard with VSI-2534 kit.
  • Length is 15 feet.

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  • Connects VSI-2534 to J1962 vehicle connector. (OBDII)
  • Comes standard with VSI-2534.
  • Length is 6 feet.

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  • Two J1962 Female (Car-Side) Connectors.
  • One J1962 Male Connector on a 3' extension cable.
  • All 16 pins broken out to Banana Plug connections.
  • For more information, click "Here".

VSI-2534 Software

Palmer Scan XL
Various Pricing
  • Software Options: Professional & Enhanced.
  • Click "Here" to view applicable information.
  • Software
  • Click "Here" to view applicable information.

Extended Warranty Options


Protect your investment. Add an additional year of warranty following the standard 2 year warranty period.


Extend your warranty to 4 years with a second additional warranty year.

An extended warranty may be purchased at any time within the standard warranty two year period, or as long as any extended warranty is in effect, for a total of up to 4 years of coverage from the initial date of purchase.