DG Technology's AutoPakAutoPak-Vehicle Network Gateway

The AutoPak is designed and manufactured by the DG Technologies as a general purpose automotive and industrial module.

One application of DG's AutoPak solution for vehicle networks is a customized implementation for converting J1939-250Kbps messages to/from J1939-500Kbps messages.

AutoPak is capable of communication over several types of serial busses including CAN, J1939, ISO9141 and ISO 15765. It also moves data over several discrete I/O channels including A/D converters. A main application is as a gateway - translating from one protocol to another with the addition of useful I/O lines which can be used for any purpose. Since the AutoPak comes without a software application, a custom one will be provided by the customer or Dearborn Group. DG can supply C code algorithms and functions to facilitate in-house development.

Typical Applications

  • Gateway from one protocol to another-for example: between J1939-250K Protocol and J1939-500K Protocol.
  • General purpose automotive or industrial device controller.
  • OBD-2 (ISO 15765) to J1939 Gateway
  • Multiple AutoPaks can be joined up for distributed processing over the provided network protocols.
  • Intelligent data acquisition for design, testing, reflashing, calibration and diagnostics.