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eDPA Datasheet


Embedded Dearborn Protocol Adapter (eDPA)

The DG Technologies Embedded DPA (eDPA) allows your Windows-based PC to communicate with J1708/J1587 and CAN/J1939 data bus networks using TMC RP1210 compliant applications and a standard USB or RS-232 serial port.

The eDPA's secondary function is that of a general-purpose onboard embedded protocol module for board-to-board level RS-232 communications.

DG has provided customized software with the eDPA as a solution for several customers that were looking for an interface to integrate databus communications into their overall "fleet-level" databus monitoring solution. The capabilities that the eDPA solution can provide include on-board diagnostics and fault reporting, as well as collecting messages that assist with driver monitoring and fuel efficiency, fuel theft, maintenance scheduling, and various other operational parameters.

The board-to-board RS-232 serial protocol was originally developed for the Industrial DPA, formerly known as the "DPA III/I". The ASCII communications protocol reference manual can be downloaded from that webpage.

The DG Diagnostics software package included with the eDPA allows users to record data, or to monitor databus parameters in a manner that can be processed by a customer's IT department. For more information on DG Diagnostics, you can visit the DPA 5 Webpage.

The DG Technologies Embedded DPA (eDPA)
(90mm X 59.25mm X 15mm)

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DPA 4 Plus "In-Miniature"

The eDPA is based on the highly successful DPA 4 Plus (a USB-based diagnostics adapter). The eDPA was originally designed for a company that wanted their on-vehicle Windows-based PC to communicate with the vehicle without having to design their own hardware and write complicated J1939 and J1587 protocol stacks.

DG responded to their request by removing items like the hardened case, power supply circuitry, non-main-stream protocols, and the DB-type connectors. This allowed a single-board solution that significantly lowered their overall cost and generated a fast ROI over an in-house, "from scratch", development effort. The eDPA's small form factor, and the "through-holes" allowed them to use "stand-off" mounting to secure the eDPA in their enclosure.

Onboard Applications Using a Windows-Based PC

If using a Windows-based PC, the eDPA uses the same RP1210 compliant drivers as the DPA 4 Plus, has firmware that is field-reprogrammable, and works with any RP1210A compliant application. The eDPA even comes with sample source code, allowing your engineers to get a head start on your project!

Onboard Applications Without a Windows-Based PC

In applications where there is not a Windows-based PC onboard, there is a simple-to-use ASCII communications interface to the eDPA (DG-EDPA-SI) that allows the eDPA to be used to monitor databus networks over a standard RS-232 communications port.

This ASCII command interface is extremely useful for SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems that monitor and control industrial applications using gaseous or diesel engines as primary or backup power. These systems can sending simple ASCII commands through the RS-232 port that will tell the DPA to transmit or receive databus messages. For more information on the ASCII interface to the eDPA, please visit our Industrial DPA webpage.


DG is more than willing to work with our customers to deliver a completely customized eDPA platform that will fit your exact needs, such as the addition of proprietary protocols, hardware, and other features.

Onboard Diagnostics

Since the eDPA is a fully-functional RP1210 adapter, the host computer can run applications such as DG Diagnostics, or OEM diagnostic applications typically found in the service bay.

eDPA User and Integration Manual

The eDPA User Manual includes all of the physical, electrical, connectors, and mechanical specifications.

eDPA Supported Protocols and Standards

RP1210 Protocols

Operating Systems

  • J1939
  • J1708/J1587
  • CAN (125k/250k/500k/1Mb)
  • J2284/IESCAN/GMLAN (CAN@500k)
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista 32/64-bit
  • Windows 7 32/64-bit


All eDPA downloads, such as drivers and product literature can be found on our DPA 4 Plus product downloads page.

Contact Information

For pricing and other general product information as well as technical support, call or e-mail:

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    	Fax:		(248) 888-9977
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DPA Patents

DG Technologies has been awarded the following U.S. Patents that apply to our DPA Product line:

  • 6,772,248 - Protocol adapter for in-vehicle networks (8-3-04)
  • 7,152,133 - Expanded functionality protocol adapter for in-vehicle networks (12-19-06)
  • 7,337,245 - Protocol Adapter for Passing Diagnostic Messages between Vehicle Networks and a Host Computer (2-26-08)
  • 7,725,630 - Protocol adapter for passing diagnostic messages between a host computer and vehicle networks operating in a J1939 or J1708 protocol (5-25-10)