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NEW!! FlexCard PMC II now supports Ethernet and Broad-R Reach Features!

  • Synchronous hardware timestamps for all bus interfaces (CAN, FlexRay, Ethernet)Resolution of the timestamp 1 us (32-bit)
  • FlexCard PMC II with Ethernet will be detected as standard Ethernet interface
  • Access to the Ethernet packets by NDIS driver (raw sockets possible)
  • Special WinPcap version allows access to the hardwaretimestamps of the Ethernet packets
  • Access to the CAN and FlexRay packets by standard FlexCard API 100 Mbit Ethernet Physical Layer and BroadR-Reach Physical Layer available
  • External synchronization by trigger input possible
  • FlexRay Products

    FlexXCon midget FlexOpto NE FlexCard USB

    Flex Device-M


    FlexCard USB M

    Flex Device-L


    FlexIO S Digital 

    FlexIO S Analog

    FlexCard Air-S

    FlexIO S thermocouple

    FlexIO M Thermo

    FlexCard PMC-II